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Lick Observatory Photographs
Halley's Comet: view from the Lick Observatory

About this collection

This digital collection includes selections of photographs from the Lick Observatory Records. Included are images of astronomers, telescope and lens makers, and other prominent scientists; scenes of life at the Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton; telescopes and other instruments used at the Observatory; international eclipse expeditions; and astronomical objects. Please see the finding aids for Series 6: Glass Negatives and Series 7: Photographs for more information.


About the Lick Observatory Records

The Lick Observatory Records document the history of the Lick Observatory in San Jose, California, and are a unique resource for the study of the history of modern astronomy. Correspondence, copybooks, architectural and astronomical drawings, diaries and logs, and business papers, make up a large portion of the Lick Observatory Records. Please see our website and finding aids in the Online Archive of California for more information about materials in the Lick Observatory Records and related collections.




This digital collection currently contains images from two series: